Founders’ Day Celebration

On Saturday, September 7, Hargrave Military Academy celebrated the 110th anniversary of the founding of our great institution. By company, cadets competed in several events, such as obstacle course, dizzy bat races, tug-of-war competitions, and humorous skits about the founding of Hargrave. After working up a ferocious appetite, our cadets enjoyed a massive barbecue put on by Sage Dining Services. Cadets chowed down on grilled hotdogs and hamburgers served with all the best sides, and finished up with a generous portion of Founders’ Day cake cut by Colonel Brown himself.

Throughout the celebration, our entire Hargrave community: parents, cadets, alumni, staff, and faculty, reflected on their past, present, and future connections to Hargrave. The event instilled pride, connection, and respect within our current Corps of Cadets, helping them to understand the significance of their relationship with Hargrave Military Academy forevermore.


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