Alumni - Dr. Jeff Moore speaks to Cadets

Alumni - Dr. Jeff Moore speaks to Cadets

Dr. Jeff Moore came back for homecoming a few weeks ago and mentioned to Colonel Brown that he would like to speak to the Cadets about his life and especially his experience at the Pentagon during 9-11. This was recently made into a reality.

Quicky relating to the Cadets, Dr. Moore spoke of his time attending Hargrave and how he decided on a career path as a Cadet. He spoke about traveling the world while working on his education and how he ended up working in the Pentagon on that fateful day.

Many of the Cadets in attendance were not alive during 9-11 but all were engrossed in his emotional story of his friends and coworkers and their actions just seconds after the plane hit the building.

After his talk, Dr. Moore took questions from the Cadets and spent some time talking to a few seniors who wanted to know more about an intelligence career.

Dr. Moore is the CEO of Muir Analytics which "provides threat intelligence that helps corporations reduce exposure to severe financial loss from political violence, terrorism, insurgency, and like conflicts."

Andrew Erickson

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