Martial Arts Club

Martial Arts Club

There is a new club for Hargrave Cadets to participate in. Starting soon after exams end the Martial Arts Club will bring new learning experiences to our young men. Through the teachings of a variety of martial arts our young men will develop their coordination, flexibility and balance while aiding to increase their self-esteem, control and mental preparedness.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to our donors for helping fund the purchase of gear and safety equipment and especially RevGear for their support of this endeavor. Thanks also to Applied Combatives Group in St. Louis for their guidance, training and ceaseless support of our instructor and our Cadets. We are looking forward to training with instructors from around the country, both here at home and eventually traveling to train on-site.

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own." - Sijo Bruce Lee

William McCaskey

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