2019 Hargrave Soccer Preseason

2019 Hargrave Soccer Preseason

The Hargrave Soccer program had 24 players come in early for preseason, following a rigorous training schedule and scrimmage to help prepare for the season. “We (the coaches) wanted to stress fundamentals, conditioning, the system of play, and team chemistry as we progressed through the preseason to get our players mentally prepared for the upcoming season,” stated Head Varsity Coach Jeremy Eubank.

Preseason wrapped up with an exhibition match against Holy Cross out of Lynchburg. “It was great to give these guys the opportunity to compete against someone else and to work in the items that we focused on during our preseason,” Eubank said.

The varsity team also had their first match of the season on Tuesday, August 27, against Timberlake Christian School, where they won 1-0. Senior Nathan Anderson scored the only goal with fellow senior Dimitri Clinton assisting. This win also marks the 50th career win for Eubank since taking over the program. “To get to this milestone is a result of having great players and coaches who want to get better in all areas of the game,” stated Eubank. “It is a true testament to the philosophy and culture of the program and school.”

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