Featured Staff Barbara Loney

Featured Staff Barbara Loney

Ms. Barbara Loney has been the Operations Clerk and Transportation Coordinator at Hargrave for fourteen years but for the Cadets she is so much more.

When she first came to Hargrave she did not know what to expect from the Cadets or the military staff. She remembers being nervous coming up the stairs. It did not take her long to fall into the rhythm of Hargrave and to be constantly surrounded by Cadets.

She and her husband have a daughter but Ms. Loney considers all of the Cadets her sons. "To me, I love all of them. I can find no fault in any of them. They sometimes need someone to talk to and just listen to them. The whole place is a family."

Many alumni stay in touch with her long after graduation, sending her text and Facebook messages just to check in and tell her that they miss her.

"We took some Cadets to an NBA game and afterwards Montrezl Harrell (Hargrave Class of 2012) came up to me and hugged me and thanked me for coming to the game, just like he used to do after every game when he was a Cadet."

Something that she wishes everyone knew about Hargrave was the quality of our faculty and how good Hargrave is for boys. "They get structure and discipline and real life interaction. They learn how to interact with different people, different walks of life; you cannot tell differences in backgrounds when they are in uniform."

Barbara Loney

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