Why Military School?

           One of the questions we hear most frequently is, “Why should we consider a military school for our son?” A common misperception of military school is that it is the school of choice for families needing to modify their son’s behavior. In some respects this is true, all parents want their sons to be well-rounded, disciplined men of integrity who are prepared for future success and the military model does that well. However, military schools are not reform schools for troubled youth, they are not a punishment for bad behavior or choices, and they are not a one-year fix. If this is your need and desire for your son and you choose a military school, unfortunately, you’ll likely be disappointed.

            If it’s not a reform school, then what is a military school? A military school is, first and foremost, an opportunity. Military schools offer their cadets a rich educational environment where young men thrive and are prepared for success. Two of the key components of military school are structure and accountability. In the military model, a military form of order and organization is woven into the fabric of the learning environment, providing an environment that helps young men mature and succeed. The military model’s structure and organization provide focus and freedom that helps young men apply their attention to the areas that matter most while eliminating distractions. The military model also incentivizes success through a rank structure, with associated rewards and privileges earned through the cadet’s performance. Accountability becomes a positive word rather than a harsh one, as young men are measured by how they perform. The “cool kid” who is honored and revered by his peers is the one who does what he should and is honored with rank, privileges, etc., not the one who has the coolest clothes, newest shoes, or flashiest haircut. Eliminating those typical teenage measurements of success means everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and be recognized for it. The only thing holding a young man back in the military model is himself. The military model helps him get out of his own way by rewarding his faithfulness and diligence, and eliminating many of the normal obstacles that hinder a young man’s success.

            The graduate from a military academy is well equipped for the future. Being familiar with the challenges of life away from home, military school alumni can better handle the stresses and challenges that often plague their peers. Self-discipline, confidence, and perseverance are instilled in the cadets, so as they transition to college, they not only have the tools they need to succeed, they have the confidence necessary to use them and press forward, facing life’s challenges with optimism and a “can-do” attitude. Finally, the emphasis on virtue and character at a military school means you can have the confidence that your son is ready to make the right decision, for the right reason, at the right time.

Recognizing the numerous benefits and immense value of military school education, perhaps the better question to consider is, “Why would you not consider a military school for your son?” To learn more about how a military education at Hargrave can equip your son for future success, check out our website, contact the admissions office at 800-432-2480, or email at admissions@hargrave.edu.


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