Military Traditions

Camden Rifles

The Camden Rifles are our precision rifle drill team.

Cadet of the Semester

Cadets earn recognition for their hard work and accomplishments in all areas of cadet life. Our poets are awarded as are our athletes and leaders.

Color Guard

The Color Guard presents and maintains the Colors of the Academy.

Dress Parades

Eye of the Tiger

A 20-hour test of a Cadet’s teamwork ability, physical and mental endurance, problem-solving skills, and grit.



Everyone gets a haircut when they first arrive at Hargrave. Most choose not to shave their heads!

MacArthur Award

The MacArthur Award is presented to the outstanding Cadet Leader each school year.

Military Ball

Nametag Ceremony

At the end of each school year, our ninth-grade class is awarded a black nametag at a schoolwide ceremony which signifies the transition from ninth-grade thinking and self-image to that of a high school student.

Obstacle Course

Presidential Inspection

Tattoo Ceremony

Performed at Homecoming, Tattoo is a historic military musical ceremony that explains the symbolism behind the retiring of the Colors.

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