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Boarding School Away from Home

When considering a change of schools, most parents look close to home when they start their search. Having your son attend school outside his “comfort zone” often feels at odds with the natural parental urge to protect them. Even so, there are proven benefits to a boarding school education away from home:

1) He’ll Make Lasting Friendships

Your son will meet other young men from across the country and around the world at Hargrave. He’ll forge unbreakable bonds of brotherhood through shared experiences. Ask any number of the hundreds of Alumni who descend upon campus every year for homecoming, and they will tell you that the relationships forged here endure long after boys leave Hargrave.

2) He’ll Gain Independence

Living away from home allows your son the opportunity to learn how to manage his time, take care of himself, and make decisions on his own. Every boy eventually “leaves the nest,” and how well they make that transition is often an early indicator of future success. Hargrave provides an environment where boys come into their own under the guidance of experienced educators and mentors.

3) He’ll Be Prepared for College and Beyond

When your son graduates from Hargrave, he will have developed the skills he needs for the rigors of college and beyond. The structure and discipline of a boarding school education will help him hone time management and critical thinking skills that will serve him in his future educational pursuits and throughout his career. He’ll have a leg up on his peers when the time invariably comes to “manage himself.”

We understand that entrusting your son to our care is a big decision. Our goal is to partner with you in your son’s education and help him develop into a young man of character, prepared for success in college and in life.

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