Cameron Spangler Competes at Wrestling Nationals

Ed Ott

Knowing that Cameron was going into a whole new level of competition, we practiced specific skills this previous week, to prepare him for a set of well-muscled and very aggressive opponents. Cameron made us proud.

His first match was up against #7 seed in the nation, but Cameron didn’t back down. His opponent learned quickly that Cameron would not be pinned, so he resorted to a “cheap tilt” move and earn back points to win.

Cameron came back from that and attacked his second opponent like a Tiger, neither wrestler scoring a point til well into the second period. He used all the skills we taught him and it was a tense back-and-forth event, holding his opponent at bay and just missing earning takedown points by being a single foot out of bounds. In the end it was a single escape point that earned him the win, 4-3.

His third match was, again, toe-to-toe with aggression, power, and speed. Ultimately, Cameron was caught unaware by a throw that cost him the match. All-in-all, Cameron can say he is among the top 24 wrestlers in the nation (probably between 17-20), which is a great way to finish his high school career.