Changing Schools is Scary (We Can Help!)

A mid-year school change can be a daunting experience for families and students. At Hargrave, we have found that a mid-year transition, when handled well, is an opportunity for renewed success. Active parental involvement, and a willing spirit on the part of the student make a mid-year school change a great opportunity to improve educational, emotional, and social outcomes while instilling confidence in the student by facing new challenges and a new environment head on. 

Most mid-year school changes are prompted by a poor or unsuitable academic environment, poor academic performance, unsuitable support in the current school, or a less than helpful peer group. Changing schools mid-year offers the opportunity to address the situation now rather than languishing in a deteriorating situation. Students benefit from increased attention from their new teachers as a deliberate transition plan is put into place. In addition, Hargrave’s structured environment sets the conditions for better results right away. A new peer group and social circle offer a fresh start in an environment where young men are challenged and encouraged to pursue excellence. These new social bonds and new academic environment set the stage for academic and social success while also instilling traits necessary for academic success and success in life like resiliency, courage, and grit.

Mid-year school changes are challenging for both students and parents, but waiting for a better time to transition often results in increased stress and decreased performance as your son languishes in a deteriorating environment.  Changing your son’s setting now can make all the difference for his future. To learn more about how Hargrave turns mid-year struggles into mid-year success, contact our admissions office at 800-432-2480 or by email at [email protected]