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Chaplain’s Thoughts

I am certain that there have been many prayers said around campus this week. It has been said on many occasions that as long as there are exams in school, there will be prayer in school. I know that this week, as with all weeks, I have spent time praying for the young men; for a sense of calm, and that they can perform at the best of their abilities during their semester exams.

With the testing of knowledge being conducted around campus we are also continuing our conversation on knowledge in chapel.

On Tuesday, I discussed the importance of asking, seeking, and knocking, as demonstrated in Matthew 7:1-12. In life we have an open door to a vast amount of knowledge, and in faith we have an open door to a relationship with our creator. Both are two sided, however, as we still need to seek, knock, and ask. When we do, the door will be opened for us. When that door is opened we should not squander our gifts, as we should not squander knowledge. We are encouraged to realize our gifts, and put those gifts to use in service to others. I hope that the young men can see the gifts they have been given, are encouraged to seek more knowledge and understanding and can put what they have been given to use.

On Sundays we continue with our conversation on who is Jesus and why do we care. Last Sunday we discussed the baptism of Jesus, which clearly demonstrates the open door that has been given to a life in relationship with God. This coming Sunday we will be watching a short video from the series “I am Second”. We will have a discussion about this short video after we watch it.

I hope all of you at home are encouraged by the growth and development of your young man, and please let the chaplain know of any concerns in the spiritual development of your son.