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Chaplain’s Thoughts

It is an exciting time at Hargrave as we start our second semester of the school year. Some classes have changed, and I am sure the young men are excited to have reached the halfway point of the school year. We are also very excited to welcome several new young men who have joined us. We are happy to welcome them with open arms and help them adjust to life here at HMA. We hope that all of the Cadets will strive to embrace this semester and this season of opportunity and growth.

In chapel, we have wrapped up our character trait of the month- knowledge. We have discussed the importance of knowledge and wisdom as it is demonstrated in the Bible. The main point is that knowledge and wisdom are some of the greatest gifts we can receive from God, and we should not squander these gifts. God calls us to continually grow in knowledge and wisdom, and to ask God for these things which God wants to give us.

We hope and pray that all the Cadets will strive to grow in knowledge of the world, and in their faith. This coming Tuesday we will introduce our new character trait of the month, faith.