Eye of the Tiger 2022

At 0600 on Saturday, 2 April 2022, thirty-six Cadets reported to the track to begin the Eye of the Tiger (EoT) Challenge. The first event of EoT was the Physical Fitness Test consisting of a timed 1-mile run, a max set of pushups in 2 minutes, and a max set of crunches in 2 minutes. After a quick change into their camouflage uniform, the Cadets ate a quick breakfast before they reported back out to the track to complete the next event, the Combat Fitness Test. The Combat Fitness Test required each of the participants to complete a timed 880-meter sprint, 2-minute 30-pound ammo can military press, and a course called the “maneuver under fire” which consists of low crawling, high crawling, a buddy drag, a fireman’s carry, and sprint with two 30-pound ammo cans. Most Cadets were already tired at this point, and we had just begun the 27-hour long challenge.

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Middle School cadet fireman's carry


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