Featured Faculty – Jacqueline Scolpini

Ms. Scolpini is the Director of the Academic Learning Center, where she works with students who need extra help or need extra challenges. She is also a Hargrave alumna, having grown up at Hargrave from 7th to 12 grade.

As a student, she did not have the best study habits and had a hard time adjusting to the rigors of Hargrave. Just like current faculty, her teachers believed in the “How to Study Program” and helped her to get organized. “The Cadet planner was huge in my life. When I got to college I had to ask my mom to bring one to me.” Ms. Scolpini now holds a Masters Degree in Education.

She is very proud to come back to Hargrave and help our Cadets and faculty. “I was a struggling student, and I understand how they feel. Hargrave was a big wake up for me, and I really appreciated my teachers who cared so much about me.”

Students’ grades are monitored and when someone falls below a C or an A-B student starts to slip, Ms. Scolpini is there to help. She works with faculty and the student to develop strategies for academic success. For some, it is as simple as better note taking strategies or a weekly sit down and get everything organized session.

Along with helping students develop and refine academic skills, she teaches a reading class, proctors our online classes with Liberty University, and runs a morning study hall for students with a heavy load or who need a little extra help.

Following in her mother’s (Mrs. Lavoie) footsteps, Ms. Scolpini also runs our Junior Retreat Weekend. Junior Retreat is a spiritual team building weekend designed to bond the junior class together as they prepare to lead the Corps.

She wishes that students could see how much structure will help over their lifetime. “Structure is not just for the military, it is about time management and setting priorities.”