Hargrave Runner Assists Fallen Athlete

William Wiebking

Hargrave varsity Cross Country team member Cadet Brandon Beavers cut short his run during the October 19, 2011 Fishburne Invitational to help a fallen competitor. The Invitational hosted seven different high school cross country teams for the event.

As Beavers approached the finish line, a member of the Fishburne Military School cross country team had collapsed while running in front of him. They were just 20 yards short of the finish line. The runner’s teammates and school parents looked on with dismay as Cross Country rules don’t permit those outside of the competition course to run next to or physically help a runner complete a race without disqualification.

“A fellow runner may assist without disqualification,” said Coach Mike Broomell, Hargrave’s Cross Country coach.

During both the runner’s and the spectator’s distress, Beavers took the time to help the fallen runner across the finish line so he could be treated while the race was still concluding. He did this as others finished before him. In so doing, he sacrificed better placement at the finish line to assist the injured.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal,” stated Beavers. “I just wanted to help.”

His simple act was well appreciated by spectators watching the event, and it reflected well on his sense of sportsmanship and charity.

“Brandon’s selfless act of sportsmanship reflects great credit on our cross country team,” said Coach Tim Oditt, Hargrave’s Athletic Director. “The character that Brandon displayed is indicative of what we strive for in all of our Cadets.”

Hargrave’s Cross Country team placed 5th overall out of seven teams participating. Beavers placed 44th out of 66 runners participating.

Hargrave Cadet Emmanuel Clark also assisted Beavers at the end.

Cadet Beavers is the son of William Beavers and Ms. Deborah Beavers of Severna Park, Maryland. Cadet Clarke is the son of Dr. Wesley Clarke and Ms. Melody Clark of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Beavers Assists Competitor