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JV Basketball vs. Eastern Mennonite High School

The JV Tigers suffered a heartbreaking loss by one point at the buzzer. The Tigers trailed most of the game, at times by more than 10 points. At the half the Tigers were leading 20 to 19. Wtih 4 minutes to go in the game the Tigers found themselves down by 4 points. The Tigers then played a 3 minute and 41 second stretch of outstanding defense, that gave them a 2 point lead with 19 second left. In that last 19 seconds the Tigers continued to play outstanding defense, tipping the ball 3 times but unable to come up with the ball. Number 12 for Eastern Mennonite found himself with the ball on the sidelines, foul line extended, with less than 2 seconds, he had only scored 1 basket up to that point in the game, he heaved it up and it went in at the buzzer, for a point win. For the second game in a row the Tigers played well but were not able to win. Go Tigers.

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