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JV Soccer Has Tough Outing Against Virginia Episcopal

The Tigers suffered a setback against the Bishops of Virginia Episcopal School with a score of 1-4. The Bishops opened the scoring early in the game, took the lead, and managed to keep the Tigers at bay for the entire first half. The Bishops added two more goals during the first half and at halftime they led the match 3-0.

The Tigers saw more opportunities during the second half and managed to attempt some shots on goal, but were unable to reach the net. The Bishops added their fourth goal of the match and continued their attack on the Tigers for the remainder of the second half, yet this allowed more space for the Tigers to penetrate the defense. With seven minutes left in the game,Nabeel Barqawi took a rebound off the hands of the VES keeper after a free kick by Austin Kaizer to give a much needed goal to Hargrave.

Goal keeper Blake Horne had over ten saves for the Tigers.

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