JV Soccer vs. Roanoke Valley Christian School

Hargrave 6 – Roanoke Valley 0

The Hargrave Tigers gained their third victory over Roanoke Valley Christian School with a score of 6-0.

The Tigers started the game strong and pressured Roanoke’s defense right from the beginning. We had accumulated over five shots on goal without luck and just when frustration was settling in, Harrison Williams found the net with the assist of J. D. Hubbard, who sent a pass along the goal with perfect timing and positioning for Williams to blast it off.

The Tigers kept controlling the ball and setting the pace of the game and again Harrison Williams came out and scored our second goal of the match. In the meantime, Roanoke tried to create opportunities, but was unsuccessful to beat our defense and only had one shot on goal for the first period. Minutes later, Ben Oliver took a shot that was deflected by the goalie and received by Oliver himself, who passed the ball to Harrison Williams who scored his third goal of the match.

The Tigers added three more goals during the second half. Our fourth successful attempt started with a side throw from Travis Shelton to Andrew Shin, who sent an accurate pass to Ben Oliver to finish the play with a shot to the net.

Ben Mills, who subbed in for the second period, added the last two goals with the assists of Ben Oliver and Andrew Shin respectively.

All players had the opportunity to play and give their best for the team.

The team and the coaches appreciate the support of Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, and Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew.

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