A Modern College Counseling Program

The Hargrave College Counseling program, led by Krista Montesano Peterson,  is a critical component in fulfilling our mission to build young men into a leader of character prepared for lifelong success.

This year, our program has introduced College Planner Pro (CPP), which streamlines the college selection process. CPP places a major emphasis on the direct correlation between higher education and career selection. Students take personality assessments that identify strengths and interests that align with future employment opportunities.

After identifying the skills and interests of individual students, the College Counseling team provides input and suggestions on specific colleges suitable for them based on academic, social, and prospective career alignment. By offering numerous college visit opportunities and utilizing CPP, Hargrave students will build a balanced list of eight to ten colleges they have researched and, in many cases, visited. The team will then assist students in the application process.

Krista Peterson has close to 40 years of experience working in independent schools in both college counseling and admissions. Since 2017 she has been an independent boarding school and college counselor. She is a member of The Independent Educational Consultant Association and The Small Boarding School Association. She is thrilled to spearhead the Hargrave College Counseling program with support from Leah Burnette, Janice McLaughlin, and Josh Cothran.