SOAR Academy Leadership and Character Training

On Friday, 31 January 2020, a team from Hargave, consisting of Sgt Maj Scott Dooley and Cadets Jack and Eli Benjamin, traveled to the Academy at SOAR (Success Oriented Achievement Realized), located in Waynesville, NC, and provided leadership and character training to 13 SOAR students. The Academy at SOAR is an adventure-based boarding school for grades 7–12 that offers an alternative learning environment that combines academics, adventure, and life skills development to help prepare students academically, socially, and emotionally for adulthood.

Jack Benjamin, a proud graduate of the SOAR program, coordinated the visit with his former school Director and developed and spearheaded the training, supported by his brother Eli. The SOAR students and academy cadre welcomed Jack back “home,” and were excited and willing participants in the training. The Benjamin brothers provided instruction on defining leadership, leadership styles, and character development. Jack and Eli reinforced their training objectives with group activities and skits that were fun and allowed the students to practice what they were learning. The SOAR students enjoyed the training and appreciated Jack’s testimonial about the benefit of the SOAR program, the dedication of the cadre, and how it prepared him for his academic post-graduate experience at Hargrave.