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USA Swimming vs. SMAC B/C Meet

Hargrave Aquatics Novice Team Flex Muscle at SMAC Fall Invitational

Several Hargrave Aquatics Novice team members traveled to Waynesboro, Virginia, November 20-21, 2004, the SMAC Fall Invitational swimming meet. Many participating team members met with great success, both in trying new events or improving their personal best times in old events.

Team member Rachel Patterson, age 8, of Martinsville, Virginia, managed several impressive races in her age group. She performed so well that she was in contention for the 8&Under high point trophy, which she won. Battling Becca Wenger and Carly Witt of SMAC for the award, Patterson won four out of eight swims, and took two seconds, one third and one forth place finish. Patterson finished with 45 total points, while Wenger and Witt tied for second with 36 points.

Patterson claimed first in the 100y Freestyle, 1:33.58, 25y Breaststroke, 24.28, 50y Backstroke, 50.01, and 100y Individual Medley (IM), 1:43.06. She was second in the 25y Backstroke, 21.65, and 50y Breaststroke, 55.06. She took third in the 50y Freestyle, 41.67, and forth in the 25y Freestyle, 18.64.

Teammates Sami Norman, Hannah Patterson, Andrew Smith and Ali Stephens-Pickeral also posted several wins during the meet in their respective age groups. Sami Norman, age 10, of Martinsville handedly won events in the 200y IM, 3:00.81, and the 50y Butterfly, 40.59. Hannah Patterson, age 9, of Martinsville claimed first in the 50y Freestyle, 36.49. Andrew Smith, age 7, of Chatham scored a great win in the 25y Breaststroke, 26.84. Ali Stephens-Pickeral, age 10, of Danville placed first in the 100y Breaststroke, 1:39.76, in a convincing win.

Many Hargrave Aquatics athletes placed in the Top Six for their age group, which shows a lot of promise for the young Novice team. Other Top Six times include:

Andrew Abbot, age 5, of Republican Grove: 4th 25y Back, 25.87; 5th 50y Free, 49.10.
Baleigh Hicks, age 8, of Chatham: 4th 100y Free, 1:53.74; 6th 25y Back, 30.46; 6th 25y Breast, 27.23; 6th 25y Free, 23.28.
Hannah Patterson, age 9, of Martinsville: 2nd 50y Back, 43.82; 4th 50y Fly, 51.29; 4th 100 IM, 1:37.93; 6th 50y Breast, 52.14.
Andrew Smith, age 7, of Chatham: 3rd 25y Back, 22.25; 4th 50y Free, 46.93; 5th 100y IM, 1:56.60.
Ethan Smith, age 11, of Chatham: 5th 200y Free, 3:37.56.
Kristin Smith, age 10, of Chatham: 4th 200y IM, 3:22.33; 5th 100y Free, 1:23.78.
Ali Stephens-Pickeral, age 10, of Danville: 2nd 50y Back, 43:00; 4th 100y IM, 1:34.13; 5th 100y Fly, 2:14.55; 6th 100y Free, 1:29.28.
Christopher Thompson, age 8, of Chatham: 2nd 25y Breast, 26.37; 3rd 25y Back, 23.44.
Jarré Williams, age 8, of Chatham: 4th 25y Back, 23.34; 5th 100y IM, 2:07.01.
Sara Williams, age 10, of Chatham: 6th 50y Fly, 46.33.

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