Varsity Rifle Team vs. Fishburne Military School

Hargrave 1027 – Fishburne 962

The tiger shooters fired their best match of the 2008 season. All eight participants fired well above 200 points. Many of the team members fired 2008 season and career personal-best total scores and individual position scores during this match. First year shooter Graves was part of the top 4, firing 235 points. He also tied for the high match prone score (96) with Forrester. Because of Grave’s determination and the consistent efforts of Forrester, Backman, and Kneppler the team fired above 1000 points (1027). Blair and Wall scored 235 and 222 points respectively. They both achieved personal best standing scores during the match. Forrester fired the high match score (271), tied for high match prone (96) and fired a phenomenal high match standing score (86). Backman fired the high match kneeling score (92).

Top 4: Forrester 271, Backman 264, Kneppler 250, Graves 242

Other Scores: Blair 235, Parker 222, Parker 222, Lee 211

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