Varsity Tennis Falls to Covenant School

Assistant AD
The Hargrave Tigers Varsity Tennis opened their 2012 season by hosting conference powerhouse Covenant School at the Landon Tennis facility. With some players still in route back from Spring Break and others suffering from minor injuries, the Tiger ladder was well-mixed. Miles Pilkington battles Convenant’s number one singles player in a battle that belied the final match of score 1-10. Similarly, Rafi Tudela and Convenant’s number three singles player were engaged in prolonged exchanges before a 1-10 score was posted.
Chase Cooper, Tanner Rose, and Hongbo Hu played in exhibition matches.
With the loss, the Varsity Tennis team record drops to 0-2 in VIC play.
Match Results against Covenant, 3/27/12. Match scores follow the L or W in the parenthesis.

#1 Singles – Miles Pilkington v S. Adamson (L 1-10)
#2 Singles – Frankie Chang v W. Rose (L 0-10)
#3 Singles – Rafi Tudela v M. Rose (L 1-10)
#4 Singles – Nabeel Barqawi v W Thomas (L 0-10)
#5 Singles – Turner Wall v D. Seelman (L 0-10)
#6 Singles – Wei An Chen v S. Seelman (L 0-10)
#1 Doubles – Pilkington/Zhang v Adamson/Rose (L 0-8)
#2 Doubles – Chang/Tudela v A Ern/M Rose (L 0-8)
#3 Doubles – Barqawi/Wall v A Hubbard/A Hollis (L 0-8)
Exhibition Play
Hongbo Hu v S Seelman (L 0-8)
Chase Cooper and Tanner Rose v D Seelman/W Rose(L 3-8)