Varsity wrestling gets its ‘Growl’ back

Coach Ed Ott

On the weekend of January 9th we wrestled in the Chatham High Invitational Team tournament. Rather than an individual tournament, this one was team against team, winner moves forward. Ten teams in all, most were public schools with solid wrestling programs Our team didn’t look so hot. We got beat up quite a bit in the first dual, losing a bit of morale, and we couldn’t quite get our mojo back. We had several impressive wins, but more defeats than I would like to count. Team points-wise we beat one team but only due to their forfeits. We left that day licking our wounds.

In practice last week we poured it on, working technique and conditioning in preparation for the Courthouse Classic in Charlottesville Courthouse. Due to the open weekend many guys’ families had plans so I could only take some starters and some junior varsity. Secretly I was expecting another beating against more public school teams, but our boys faced the opposition with determination!

Out of 11 guys wrestling, nine placed in the top four. Our champions were Cadets Pederson and Decker. Cadet Luckett secured a second in a tough match right up to the end. 3rd placers included Cadets Richardson, Weber, Englander and Scott. 4th placers were Cadets Covino and Spangler. As a team, we earned second.

I couldn’t be more proud of our guys. Ask Decker about his champion bout with a beast. Ask Weber and Covino about their match against each other for 3rd & 4th that had everyone laughing in the first and second period. Ask all of our guys about their matches and listen to stories of glorious wins and defeats by a single point.

All in all, we got our growl back and are looking forward to today’s VIC Duals at the Covenant school.

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