Welcome Back Cadets

We are excited to welcome all of our Cadets back from a long, but sometimes not long enough, Christmas break. We hope and pray that all of the Cadets had a restful time of fellowship with their families and are ready for this next long haul until Spring Break. The young men seem energized and ready to accomplish great things as we wrap up one semester and start our Spring semester.

In chapel, we continue to engage the Cadets in their spiritual growth. On Tuesday we introduced our new character trait of the month- knowledge. To become complete people of character, it is important to grow in knowledge. This isn’t just memorization of facts, but having the desire to be life long learners and the ability to implement that knowledge. In faith, this means learning who God is and how we can put that knowledge to use in order to serve God and serve others. Hopefully, the Cadets will see if we approach knowledge of God humbly and with a thirst for new learning and continue to grow in wisdom, this will lead to an impact on our lives and the lives of those around us.

As we start off this new year, I pray that we can all grow in knowledge of the world and knowledge of God, and that we can put this education to practice. Through this we can make our communities and our world brighter as the spring season approaches.