Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first-serve basis, and the student must be accepted in order to receive any Hargrave Scholarship award.

All scholarship recipients are required to reapply for scholarship consideration annually.

Families applying for scholarships do not need to apply through SSS, but they must alert the Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee of their qualification and provide all necessary documents in order to receive the scholarship.

Athletic Scholarships: High school students are NOT eligible for athletic scholarships.

Active Duty/Retired Military Scholarship: Students whose legal guardian is Active Duty or Retired Military may receive up to a $1,000 scholarship. Proper identification and/or form DD2-14 will be required to receive this scholarship.

Church Matching Scholarship: Students who are members of a church willing to provide monetary assistance may receive a matching grant up to $500.

Family Scholarship: Families that have more than one student attending Hargrave Military Academy will receive a 15% tuition scholarship for each additional student.

Legacy Scholarship: Students whose parent or grandparent attended Hargrave Military Academy will receive a 10% tuition scholarship.

Ministerial Scholarship: Students of ordained ministers will receive a $500 scholarship.

Parent Referral Incentive Program: Hargrave offers a tuition discount of $1,000 for each new enrolled boarding student that a current family refers ($500 for each new enrolled day student), provided the referring family stays in good standing with the school. More information about the Parent Referral Program

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