Mission & Beliefs

Hargrave builds young men into leaders of character prepared for lifelong success.

President’s Note

Colonel Michael Brown, USMC (Ret)
President Michael Brown and wife Sharon

Hargrave Military Academy is an exceptional private military boarding school steeped in tradition that carries its legacy through the lives of our alumni and their contributions to their communities and society as a whole.

Since 1909, Hargrave’s founders recognized the need to reinforce an educational experience with Christian values. The entire Hargrave team embraces the importance of spiritual development and interweaves the spiritual component throughout the Cadet’s time at Hargrave. The result is a Cadet who is grounded in Truth and applies a sound moral and ethical perspective to life’s decisions. When a Cadet graduates, they will have earned the respect of those that have come before, those with whom they made the journey and will forever be a part of a long standing family of leaders.

Our fundamental premise is to use the military model within a college preparatory boarding school environment to develop young men into leaders of character prepared for lifelong success.

The military model approach uses structure, routine, accountability, leadership, teamwork, decision making and personal pride as vehicles to holistically develop a young man to their fullest potential. Our four pillars of academics, sports/athletics, character and spiritual development are fully integrated into a challenging and purposeful curriculum. Our Cadets graduate and are not only prepared for the rigors of college, but prepared to face life’s journey with determination, perseverance and resolve.

The Hargrave man is confident and focused to achieve any goal they set. Our holistic approach to development across the four pillars results in a young man who is a leader with strong work ethic, sound principled morals and an appetite for lifelong learning. While attending Hargrave Military Academy, the Cadet is surrounded by a genuinely concerned cadre of teachers, coaches and staff dedicated to their individual success, ready and willing to work through challenges to see the Cadet’s potential realized.

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