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Hargrave Athletics Implements Presidential Youth Fitness Challenge to its Cadet Athletes.

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) is the national fitness education and assessment program that offers presidential recognition to schools and students. The program provides a model to help schools achieve excellence in physical education through quality fitness assessment practices. The Presidential Youth Fitness Program cultivates and promotes a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and serves as an important indicator of physical fitness.

The program consists of 6 main objectives Cadets must complete.

  1. Complete 57 or more curl-ups (sit-ups) in a minute.
  2. Complete a full shuttle run in 9.0 seconds or less.
  3. Complete a sit and reach test with 37 inches or more.
  4. Complete a mile run in 6:20 or less.
  5. Complete 11 pull-ups consecutively.
  6. Complete 42 push-ups consecutively.

Head Fitness Coach Luis Zerpa has spearheaded the implementation of this program. With his guidance and motivation we are expecting to see great results for our Cadet-Athletes. Stay tuned! There will updates on the Cadet Athlete’s progressions and highlights on the many personal records to come!