O’Grady Donates a Rae Crowther Football sled to Post Graduate Football

William Wiebking

Hargrave’s Post-Graduate football program received a generous donation from Jimmy O’Grady in the form of a Rae Crowther Football sled. The sled, a piece of high quality exercise equipment designed especially to help condition football linemen, was added to the program today in preparation for the 2011 Post-Graduate Football season. The estimated value of the specialized equipment is $5,000.

O’Grady stated, “I don’t know where my son would be without the guidance of Hargrave,” said O’Grady. “This place, without a doubt, definitely turned him around.”

O’Grady was especially grateful for the efforts of Head Coach Troy Davis and Hargrave Tac officer Kevin Shaw, both of whom worked directly with O’Grady’s son.

O’Grady’s son, Jimmy O’Grady Jr. had few looks and fewer offers coming out of high school. After working attending Hargrave, O’Grady Jr. is currently playing football as a Liberty University (D1) Flame. As #33, he is a linebacker and will play this fall as a freshman.

The sled is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It has been positioned outside where Hargrave linemen practice, and it is expected to have a positive impact for the linemen in the upcoming season. While building muscle, the sled will also teach proper form, which helps boost performance and injury prevention.

Hargrave Coach Troy Davis and Coach Scott McConnell were pleased with the quality and the purpose of the new equipment. Coach Davis stated, “This has made my day.”

The O’Grady family is from Mechanicsville, Maryland.

O'Grady Sled