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PG Player Turned Head Football Coach

Chatham, VA- Hargrave is pleased to welcome back former post-graduate football player, Danny Bunn, as Head Football Coach. 

Bunn is a Smithfield, North Carolina native that graduated from Smithfield-Selma High School. Upon graduation, Bunn entered the Hargrave Post-Graduate Program. Bunn stated, “…the structure and discipline truly helped me when I transitioned into college.” 

Bunn later attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill before transferring to Winston-Salem State University, where he received a 4-year degree in Sports Management. Bunn went on to gain work experiences with Simon G. Atkins High School, Cleveland High School, and Fork Union Military Academy as defensive coordinator. 

In a recent interview, when we asked Bunn what drove him to apply for the position, he commented, “I have always wanted the opportunity to lead a team to victory, and when I saw that I could do that with Hargrave, I knew, I was home.” He went on to say that his first order of business will be to gain the players’ trust. He believes that getting to know the players will essentially start a strong relationship. Bunn continued to talk about the success of the team. The mission for each year is to compete for the championship win, give seniors as many opportunities as the freshmen players, and build character.

On a lighter note, when asked to describe a typical Tuesday practice, Bunn laughed before saying, “Tuesdays are Tempo Tuesdays. I expect high energy throughout the entire practice…no dead periods.” Bunn expressed that he is eager to begin and the motto for the upcoming year will be “trust the process”.