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Varsity Rifle Team vs. Massanutten Military Academy

The Tiger Shooters fired a consistent match and gained another victory against Massanutten. The team fired its highest score thus far for the season. Haymes fired a perfect score (100) in the prone position. Lazo fired a hot match and achieved the match high score. Gladding, a first year shooter, broke the 250 barrier and joined the top four for the second time this season. All of the first year shooters fired 225 or above. Top 4: Lazo 276 Haymes 268 Gladding 256 Perry 247. Other Scores: Frank 246 Johnson 235 Kroh 231 Forrester 225. High Prone (match) 100 Haymes/High Standing (match) Lazo 86/High Kneeling (match) Lazo 93.

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