Parent Council

The Link Between Parents, Cadets, and Hargrave

Formed in 1987, the Parent Council is an organization of parents of current Hargrave Cadets. Our members represent both boarding and day students from the upper school and CIS.

The Parent Council has three purposes:

  1. Act as a liaison between the parents and the Administration by sharing information and concerns. Parent Council members are readily available to answer questions from parents about school activities, functions, and Cadet Life. As a group, we work with the administration to provide feedback and suggestions in the best interests of our Cadets.
  2. Provide outreach support as a parent component to Hargrave through Admissions, the Annual Fund and Development on an as-needed basis. This involves contact with prospective and current families.
  3. Support Hargrave, the parents and the Cadets through our activities and events. Our biggest fund raising goal is the sponsorship of the Annual Faculty/Staff Appreciation Event to express our deep appreciation to the faculty and staff at Hargrave.

The contribution of every parent, no matter how small, is appreciated in these efforts. Together we can make a positive difference on campus for the benefit of the entire Academy.

If you are interested in volunteering your time or talent, please contact the Parent Council at [email protected], or Captain Frank Thomas, Student Activities Director, at 434-432-2172.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Celebrated Cadet birthdays each month. Parents decorated the overflow room of the Mess Hall, sang happy birthday and served pizza (a Cadet favorite), chips, gatorade, homemade cupcakes and ice cream during Mess II (lunch).
  • Surprised the Cadets with a Late-Night Snack Night in January where they served homemade brownies, ice cream and gatorade.
  • Surprised the Cadets with an Ice Cream Social in February during Study Hall.
  • Gave monetary Christmas gifts to all faculty and staff.
  • Contributed to the beautification of the campus.
  • Made a $5,000.00 contribution to the school to help fund furniture and renovations in the Military Department.
  • Loved and supported the Cadets!

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