Summer Leadership Challenge

After considerable thought, review, and assessment, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our 2020 on-campus summer programs. We have taken careful consideration of the Virginia Governor’s phased approach and its impact on our summer programs. Knowing that we would have students from across the United States, many of them from some of the most heavily affected areas, we believe there is a significant risk to cadets should a COVID case present itself during our summer program.  

We will be offering a virtual summer school experience for core classes and credit recovery. 

    • Logistics
      • Online summer school classes will begin on June 29.
      • Courses are self-paced, if a student needs to register after June 29 they can still complete courses for credit.
      • The planned end date is July 31
    • Courses 
        • English 9, 10, and 11 
        • Algebra I and II 
        • Geometry 
        • World History 
        • U.S. History 
    • Pricing
        • $500 per course ($300 for second course if enrolled together)

We understand that summer programs are often a way for families to “test-drive” a new learning environment. For details about online summer courses or enrolling your son for Fall ’20, please contact our Admissions team by clicking the Inquire Now button below or call our Admissions Office at 1 (800) 432-2480.

Leadership is not only innate but can be developed and learned.

Cadets on the Wall at Leadership Camp

Hargrave Military Academy’s Summer Leadership Challenge engages young men in a two-week program using military structure and basic skills training.

Leadership Challenge runs during the designated daily afternoon sports/camp period. After the two week Leadership Challenge Camp, participating students switch to their other chosen activity.

Hargrave has forged many of the nation’s leaders, providing them with the opportunities, training, and experience needed to build mind, body, and spirit. The Leadership Challenge Camp is designed to provide an introduction to military customs and courtesies, proper wearing of a military uniform (Army Combat Uniform, ACU), basic physical training and survival/outdoors skills. Leadership Challenge participants will train on Hargrave’s military-standard obstacle course, climbing tower, and utilize our 220 acre campus to learn and practice basic map reading, land navigation, and physical fitness/endurance.

Successful completion of this camp will result in a Certificate of Completion and awarding of the Hargrave Crest. The Crest is commonly provided to new Cadets during the main school year who have completed a similar program. This camp is designed to be both challenging and fun. While not all-inclusive, the Leadership Challenge Camp provides a glimpse into the opportunities and activities afforded to our full-time Cadets.

Hargrave Summer Program

Leadership, sports, classes, friendships & adventure.
What are you doing this summer?

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