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Weekly Themes

Hargrave’s Summer Experience offers an exciting blend of themed activities and educational opportunities. Each week presents a unique theme, providing immersive experiences that foster personal growth, leadership, and a deeper understanding of various subjects.

Week 1: Military

Kick off the summer with a deep dive into military history and leadership. Students will visit the D-Day Memorial and Appomattox Court House, gaining firsthand insight into pivotal moments in American history. Juniors and seniors will tour the Virginia Military Institute to explore higher education opportunities in the military field. Throughout the week, participants will engage in military studies, firearm safety, and leadership seminars.

Week 2: Jefferson

Immerse yourself in the world of Thomas Jefferson with field trips to Poplar Forest, Natural Bridge, and Monticello. Juniors and seniors will visit the University of Virginia, founded by Jefferson himself. The week includes seminars on the Founding Fathers and the founding documents, enriching students’ understanding of American history and governance. Special events like the Etiquette Dinner in the Mess Hall and a picturesque picnic at Monticello add a touch of elegance and tradition.

Week 3: River Systems

Explore the natural world with trips to Natural Bridge and the Banister River, focusing on river systems and their ecological significance. Students will participate in seminars on river systems and fieldwork preparation, enhancing their skills in reading topographic maps, understanding river processes, identifying wildlife, and conducting risk surveys. This hands-on week is perfect for budding environmental scientists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Week 4: Careers & Finalize Projects

Conclude the summer with a focus on future careers and the culmination of student projects. The week features career and college seminars, field trips to explore various career paths, and a fun-filled day at Emerald Pointe Water Park. The grand finale includes a Project Fair where students showcase their work and a special military event celebrating their achievements. This week is designed to prepare students for their future endeavors, providing valuable insights and experiences.

Join us for an unforgettable summer at Hargrave Military Academy, where each week brings new adventures and learning opportunities.