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Member of swim team on starting block in pool.

Swimming Lessons

General Information

(434) 432-3196 — please call for all information, booking, or rescheduling of group, private, and/or infant swimming lessons.

  • The ODAC offers both group and private swimming lessons to the community.
    • If ODAC has to cancel a lesson, then an alternative make-up date will be made.
    • If the swimmer is unable to make a lesson, there will be no-make up dates available.
    • The Hargrave pool is a grounded pool, so all lessons will be conducted even if there is thunder and lightning in the area unless it is deemed a safety issue by ODAC staff.
  • Minimum of 3 per class required.
  • Last day for sign-up is 72 hours before the class starts.
  • A $10 deposit is required per each swimmer, per session, to hold the slot.
  • No refunds will be given if the swimmer cancels within 48 hours of the class starting.
  • To sign up and pay the deposit, please see a member of the ODAC staff during regular open hours.

Child Eligibility

  • The typical age to start group swimming lessons is 4 years old and older. Some exceptions will be made for those aged 3 if they have the ability to comprehend verbal instruction, and can be in the water without an adult.
  • Unsure of your child’s swimming ability? We offer a free 10-15 minute swimming assessment to determine the swimmer’s ability and comprehension. The instructor will be able to inform the parent/guardian as to which level they should enroll the swimmer in.
    • Swimmers will be placed based on their ability first and their age second.
  • Children not potty-trained MUST wear swim diapers and NOT disposable diapers.

Swim Lesson Progression

Diagram: Progression begins with Toddler/Infant Class, followed by either Child Group Lessons or Child Private Lessons, then Bridge Program, and finally Swim Club.

Infant/Toddler Swimming Lessons

These classes are designed with a parent or guardian in the water with the child, while an instructor conducts the class. The classes are designed for children who are being introduced to the water for the first few times so they can be comfortable and safe with adult supervision. Class ages are from 6 months to 3 years old.

Infant/Toddler Level 1

Children learn how to ask for permission before entering; how to safely enter/exit the water; submerging and floating techniques; changing body positions in the water and using lifejackets. Parents learn how to safely and correctly hold and support their child in the water; how to determine a child’s readiness to learn new skills; using successful cues; selecting and purchasing correct floatation devices; and basic rescue skills.

Infant/Toddler Level 2

All of level 1 skills with additional instructions including becoming more independent without assistance or support; arm and leg movement techniques; gliding; and more ways to safely enter/exit the water.

Please ensure the child is wearing swimming diapers. Please make sure to bring any previously purchased flotation devices for testing. All swimmers will receive a free flotation toy.

Summer Toddler/Infant Classes

Both level 1 and level 2 skills can be taught during these classes, depending on the child’s age and ability.

TIC Session A04/02 – 04/04/20244:45 – 5:15 pm
TIC Session B04/30 – 05/02/20244:45 – 5:15 pm
TIC Session C06/04 – 06/06/20244:45 – 5:15 pm
TIC Session D06/25 – 06/27/20244:45 – 5:15 pm
TIC Session E07/16 – 07/18/20244:45 – 5:15 pm
  • A parent is required to be in the water as well
  • All sessions 4:45 – 5:15 pm
  • Cost per session (3 classes @ 30 minutes long): $35
  • Maximum of 10 per class
  • Free floating toy and certificate for all swimmers at the end of the completed session!

Group Swimming Lessons

  • Each session has 8 classes.
  • The cost of the class is per session.
  • The instructor will either teach from the deck or in the water depending on the group and the swim stroke/exercise being covered.

Summer Child Group Lessons

  • Cost per session (8 classes @ 40 minutes long per class): $60
  • Maximum of 6 per class
  • Free popsicle of certificate for all swimmers at the end of the completed session!

6 Years Old and Under

CGL Session I05/27 – 06/06/2024, Mon – Thurs, for 2 weeks4:30 – 5:10 pm
CGL Session V06/10 – 06/20/2024, Mon – Thurs, for 2 weeks5:30 – 6:10 pm
CGL Session VI06/24 – 07/05/2024*, 1st week Mon – Fri, 2nd week Mon, Tues & Fri4:30 – 5:10 pm
CGL Session X07/08 – 07/18/2024, Mon – Thurs, for 2 weeks5:30 – 6:10 pm

7 Years Old and Over

CGL Session II05/27 – 06/06/2024, Mon – Thurs, for 2 weeks5:30 – 6:10 pm
CGL Session IV06/10 – 06/20/2024, Mon – Thurs, for 2 weeks4:30 – 5:10 pm
CGL Session VII06/24 – 07/05/2024*, 1st week Mon – Fri, 2nd week Mon, Tues & Fri5:30 – 6:10 pm
CGL Session IX07/08 – 07/18/2024, Mon – Thurs, for 2 weeks4:30 – 5:10 pm

All Youth Ages

CGL Session III06/10 – 06/20/2024, Mon – Thurs for 2 weeks11:00 – 11:40 am
CGL Session VIII 7/08 – 07/18/2024, Mon – Thurs for 2 weeks11:00 – 11:40 am

Booking Group Lessons

For booking please either:

  1. Contact the Aquatics Director for availability, or
  2. Sign up in person during the ODAC’s open hours.

The signing up of swimming lessons is first-come, first-served, and it is confirmed by:

  1. Printing, filling out and submitting the “Swim Lesson Registration Form” (under the Forms tab) and paying the $10 deposit together. (The $10 will be put towards the total cost of the group swimming lessons session. It is non-refundable if you [or your child] fails to cancel or reschedule without 48 hours prior notice before the session starts.)
  2. Remaining payment will be due on the first day of class. Failure to provide payment will cause the swimmer to lose their place.

Note: If you (or your child) is unable to attend the scheduled group lessons, the $10 non-refundable deposit will be transferred to the next available class if notice is given 48 hours BEFORE classes start.

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons are designed for primarily one-on-one instruction between the swimmer and the instructor. Private lessons are good for individuals who:

  • require specialized instruction
  • have mobility, cognitive or physical limitations
  • are fearful of the water
  • are easily distracted/overwhelmed in larger group settings

Private lessons occur at the convenience of the swimmer and the instructor and occur during regular open hours. Instructors adapt their lesson plans to cater to each individual to ensure that they are progressing in a safe, fun, and structured way through verbal, active participation, and demonstrative instruction.

All of our swimming instructors are American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. They have all been trained extensively across multiple sessions with a qualified Water Safety Instructor Trainer which allows them to give swimming lessons to all ages and abilities both individually and as a group. The extensive training also encompasses water safety training which will allow all of our highly educated WSI’s to incorporate age-appropriate instruction regarding many water safety topics.

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons are given by one instructor to two individuals of similar swimming abilities.


  • Cost for one-on-one private lessons: $19
  • Cost for one-on-two semi-private lessons: $34

Please note:

  • All instructors require at least 24 hours’ notice for all lesson cancellations. Otherwise, the swimmer will still be charged and will be required to pay before the start of the next lesson.
  • The times scheduled between the instructor and the booking party is the confirmed time. If the swimmer turns up late, the lesson will still finish at the initially agreed time (as the instructor may have lessons directly after your lesson). It is strongly recommended that all the swimmers arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.